Municipality Square - 6050-358 Nisa

Phone: 245 410 000

Fax: 245 412 799

(custo de uma chamada para a rede fixa nacional)


Taxpayer: 506 612 287


At the initiative of the Municipality of Nisa, the brand "éNisa" was created for its territory of action - the municipality of Nisa. A set of fundamental requirements for adhering to the brand was created in order to make the use of its logo and slogan “éNisa, éNosso” official, for the promotion of products and services. The brand project also came from the intention of proving eligibility and improving the quality of our services and products, while at the same time providing the necessary technical support for the development of actions in this area. On the other hand, a more sustainable management of local natural resources is sought, with the participation of the whole society, in a logic of common benefit.


The main objective of creating the “éNisa” brand involves a set of actions to promote the municipality, meeting the region's identity, analyzing the aspects associated with its history, culture, tradition and landscape.

In this way, the “éNisa” brand will function as an umbrella brand (hat), hosting several products under a regional brand, always bearing in mind that there is an intention to reaffirm the specific identity of each product that will be part of the brand, maintaining its own brand (designation, name, logo). The fact that these products are associated with the “éNisa” brand, means that the municipality of Nisa recognizes them as “ambassadors” for the qualitative promotion it gives to the region, valuing the genuine traditional characteristics that characterize the region's ancestral “know-how”.

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